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The “Lions of Liberty” flagship show, which interviews liberty leaders including Ron Paul, Tom Woods, etc, PLUS “Electric Libertyland”, looking at current events and “Felony Friday”, examining the criminal justice system!

February 8, 2016

LoLP 182: Iowa, Rand, Democrat and Republican Debates


In today's episode, host Marc Clair convenes a small pride of liberty lions to discuss an eventful past week in U.S. Presidential politics, welcoming in Felony Friday host John Odermatt and our officially unofficial legal counsel, the elusive "Rico." They discuss the Iowa Caucus results and Rand Paul's subsequent departure from the Presidential race, and why so much of Ron Paul's past support seems to have largely gone to Donald Trump, Ted Cruz Bernie Sanders instead of Rand. They ponder whether dual brokered conventions to lead to some surprising Presidential showdowns in November, like....Mitt Romney vs. Joe Biden?? 

The crew then looks at the post-Iowa Democrat and Republican debates. They ponder just what Hillary Clinton is wearing at these debates, have a laugh at the SNL-style disastrous open to the Republican debate, marvel at Donald Trump's wizardry playing off the boos of the crowd, and shudder at the candidates attempts to out-Torture each other (and the audience, hiyo!). 

They also make their predictions for the New Hampshire primary and who will drop out of the race by the time we convene once again in a week.

All this and so much more on our latest liberty roundtable! 

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