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May 11, 2016

209. George Phillies on Libertarian Politics and Money

In today's episode, host Marc Clair is joined by George Phillies. George has been involved in Libertarian Party politics for several decades, was a former Libertarian Party candidate for President, and has written four books on Libertarian Party politics and funding, Surely We Can Do Better?, which examines the finances and spending of the 2012 Gary Johnson and 2008 Bob Barr Presidential campaigns. In this discussion we talk about:

- How George became a libertarian, and his background in Libertarian Party politics
- Why he believes delegates were misled about Gary Johnson's campaign finances prior to election him the Libertarian Party nominee in 2012
- The debt incurred by the Gary Johnson 2012 campaign
- How the Johnson campaign's battle with the FEC factors in and how it impacted the campaign's debt
- The real world effects of achieving milestones such as 15% in the polls and/or 5% of the vote
- What George would look for in a Libertarian Party presidential candidate

Enjoy this "inside baseball" with a true Libertarian Party insider!

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