UA-30156634-1 250. Mr. Johnson’s LibertyHood Ep 08: Tongue Tied Twisted
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October 3, 2016

250. Mr. Johnson’s LibertyHood Ep 08: Tongue Tied Twisted

In today's episode of Lions of Liberty, host Marc Clair steps in during Brian McWilliams' nuptial absence for another edition of our bi-weekly look at the Gary Johnson campaign through a lens of liberty known as "Mr. Johnson's LibertyHood!" Marc welcomes in fellow Los Angelean Adam Choit, who recently attended a private discussion group featuring Gary Johnson himself.  Adam breaks down the JohnsONs and JohnsOFF's from the event as he sees them, and then Marc and Adam delve into some recent news items regarding the Johnson/Weld campaign and dish out their grades. Along the way, they discuss Gary's exclusion from the Presidential debates, a celebrity officially joining the campaign, and Gary's recent gaffes. As always, they take a brief trip to the "Land of Liberty Make Believe", and experience a MIND WELD. 

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