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Electric Libertyland Ep. 14: With Comedian Lou Perez of “We The Internet TV”

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

On today’s rooty-tooty fresh and fruity episode of Electric Libertyland, host Brian McWilliams talks a little bit about Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch and the Democrat opposition, a massive tax increase on cigs in LA and #LibrariesResist before bringing in a fantastic libertarian writer, comedian and producer for “We the Internet TV,” Lou Perez.

Lou (who has opened for the one and only Ron Paul three times) and Brian discuss topics including: the left’s newfound opposition to war, Trump’s expansion of executive war powers, Russian terrorist bombings, armed Police drones, a programmer being arrested by the FBI for creating a software used by hackers despite he himself hacking nothing, and wrap it up with a quick session of Rand “Pauluses and Minuses.”

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Electric Libertyland Ep. 12: Will Trump “Seal (Team Six) the Deal” on Kim Jong Un?

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

On today's fantastic, new Electric Libertyland, host Brian McWilliams wakes up early to deliver the news of the day, which includes the dangers of inward-facing propaganda from the US government, Venezuela's ridiculous socialist failings that have led to new bread shortage, Rand Paul on John McCain, Donald Trump's flirtations with regime change, Seal Team Six training with South Korean military, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that police allowing a dog to maul an innocent man was legal, unregulated space tourism, and Judge Andrew Napolitano being pulled from Fox News over his wiretapping statements.

Boogie on down.

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286. Libertarians in Libraries (??) Drinking Liquor!

Monday, March 13th, 2017

In today's episode, host Marc Clair gathers a crew of Liberty Lions (one of which is broadcasting from...a library?) to knock back a few adult beverages and take a deep dive into the mailbag to answer some Letters of Liberty! Marc is joined by Felony Friday host John "Odie" Odermatt, "The Godfather" Howie Snowdon, and our resident legal man of mystery, "Rico." 

So grab a drink, kick up your feet, and get Ready to ROAR!

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285. Roger Stone: Donald Trump “Orchestrated a Revolution”

Monday, March 6th, 2017

In today's episode of Lions of Liberty, Marc welcomes Roger Stone back to the program to discuss his new book "The Making of the President 2016: How Donald Trump Orchestrated a Revolution." Roger Stone was one of the very first guests on the Lions of Liberty podcast, having first appeared way back in episode 11 to talk about his book "The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ." Today, Roger and Marc discuss the Trump campaign from Roger's perspective as a Trump insider. 

In the show, you'll hear:

  • Roger ROARS against the accusation that Donald Trump and members of his staff are secretly agents of the Russian government, and ponders why U.S. intelligence agencies are seeminly at war with President Trump. 
  • Roger describes the first time he met Donald Trump, and what qualities he exhibited in that first meeting that translated to Trump's ability to become President. 
  • Marc and Roger delve into how libertarians should perceive Trump: will his administration be a friend or foe to advocates for individual liberty?
  • PLUS! Marc answers some more "Letters of Liberty" from listeners!


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Electric Libertyland Ep. 9: Trump Speech & Does 2A Protect “Military Style” Weapons?

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

On today's episode of Electric Libertyland, Brian McWilliams gives a little extra love to our listeners to make up for last week's shortened show, taking on a variety of topics solo before welcoming in Lions of Liberty's touted legal expert "Rico" to break down the puzzling and infuriating decision from the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, which ruled that "military style" weaponry may not be owned by private citizens.

Other topics on today's lineup include: the Day Without a Woman Strike and the terrorists behind it, the Oscars, CPAC, Jewish cemetery vandalism, Trump's speech to Congress, French whining about their democratic system, and the confusing state of affairs regarding state's rights and marijuana.

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Felony Friday 057 - Former Felon With Gun Rights Restored Saved Trooper In Arizona

Friday, February 3rd, 2017

On today's episode Felony Friday host John Odermatt is joined by fellow Lions of Liberty co-founder Marc Clair. Marc and John kick off the show by discussing Donald Trump's controversial immigration executive order. Next they touch on the horrible mosque shooting in Quebec and share a few oddities the media has reported about the circumstances of the shooting. 

Links to everything we talked about:

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280. The Case for States’ Rights w/ Michael Maharrey of the 10th Amendment Center

Monday, January 30th, 2017

In today's episode of Lions of Liberty, Marc welcomes in Michael Maharrey of the Tenth Amendment Center to revisit the issue of "states rights", which ignited heated debate after Nicholas Sarwark's comments on a recent episode of this program. In the show you'll hear:

In the show, you'll hear:

  • How Mike first became interested in libertarian ideas, and how he unwittingly found himself working for the Tenth Amendment Center. 
  • Mike explains the mission of the Tenth Amendment Center and updates us on some of their recent activities. 
  • Mike makes the case for states rights within a libertarian frameowkr and within the U.S. Constitution, and why he disagrees with Sarwark's comments. 
  • PLUS!...Marc answers some more Letters of Liberty in another mailbag segment!


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278. Is States’ Rights a Libertarian Position?

Monday, January 16th, 2017

On today's episode, host Marc Clair welcomes in "Felony Friday" host John Odermatt and Lions of Liberty's favorite Frenchman, J.B. Lubin. The Lions' take a look at the most recent incident of "libertarian infighting", which arose after LP Chair Nicholas Sarwark made some critical comments of Ron Paul in an interview late last year. In the show, you'll hear discussed:

  • Were Sarwark's comments blown out of proportion?
  • Is the concept of "States' Rights" a philosophcially libertarian position?
  • How quantifitable are Ron Paul's contributions to the Libertarian Party and the broader liberty movement?
  • Is Marc a globalist shill?
  • Plus! The gang tackles some "Letters of Liberty" in our mailbag segment!

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260. Jesse “The Body” Ventura on his “Marijuana Manifesto”

Monday, November 7th, 2016
In today's episode, host Marc Clair welcomes in a childhood idol - former professional wrestler and commentator, Navy Seal, and former Governor of Minnesota, the one and only Jesse "the Body" Ventura! Jesse recently released his new book "Jesse Ventura's Marijuana Manifesto." In the show, Marc and Jesse cover an array of topics, including 

  • The similarities between the world of professional wrestling and the world of politics, and how the former prepared the Governor for the latter. 
  • How Governor Ventura first got into politics, and how he was able to become the Governor of a state without being beholden to either the Democratic or Republican parties. 
  • Why, after having been an advocate for marijuana legalization for nearly his entire political career, now is the time to push full forward ahead on the issue of marijuana legalization. 
  • How myths about marijuana have been perpetuated over the years, and just what interested parties benefit from them. 
  • How Jesse was personally affected by medical marijuana in his own life. 
  • So. Much. More.

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253. Derrick Grayson aka TMOT!

Wednesday, October 12th, 2016
In today's episode of Lions of Liberty, host Marc Clair welcomes Derrick Grayson aka TMOT ("The Minister of Truth" back to the program! Derrick first appeared way back in episode 31 of this program back when he was first running for Senate in the state of Georgie. Today, he returns to Lions of Liberty to discuss his experience at the 2016 Libertarian Party National Convention. Derrick explains just how was effectively recruited by supporters right before the convention and found himself running for the VP position. Marc and Derrick break down TMOT's thoughts on the assortment of prominent Libertarian figures he encountered at the convention - including Austin Petersen, John McAfee, Larry Sharpe, and even Gary Johnson. 

Why did Bill Weld immediately cause Grayson to know he couldn't support Gary Johnson as the LP candidate? And why does Derrick now adamantly support Donald Trump? Find out on today's show!
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