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Felony Friday 075 - Neil Woods: UK Undercover Cop Turned Anti-Drug War Crusader

Friday, June 9th, 2017

Today on Felony Friday Neil Woods joins host John Odermatt. Neil is a former Undercover Drugs Detective Sergeant and is the Chairman of LEAP UK (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition United Kingdom.) For 14 years, Neil Woods risked his life as a drug squad police officer posing undercover as a heroin and crack addict. Over the years Neil came to realize that his work and drug prohibition as a whole, actually made the drug trade more dangerous. So now he works as an activist with LEAP UK to put end to drug prohibition in the United Kingdom.

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295. Libertarians in Living Rooms Drinking Liquor : Extra Spicy Edition

Monday, May 15th, 2017

In today's episode, host Marc Clair convenes another edition of "Libertarians in Living Rooms Drinking Liquor", and adds some extra spice to show by bringing in special guests Johnny "Rocket" Adams of the Johnny Rocket Launch Pad and Remso Martinez of the Remso Republic, along with Lions of Liberty stalwart John Odermatt of "Felony Friday" fame. The crew tosses back a few adult beverages and riff on topics such as: 

- Who are some of their favorite guests they've had on their respective podcasts so far in 2017?

- Their thoughts on the controversial statements of Libertarian Party Vice Chairman Arvin Vohra regarding the U.S. military. 

- Libertarian gossip involving some friends of the show. 

So grab a drink, kick your legs up and hang out in the Liberty Living Room wth us!

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294. Dr. Elaina George: Fixing Healthcare by Ending “Big Medicine”

Monday, May 8th, 2017

In today's episode, host Marc Clair is joined by Dr Elaina George, a board certified otolaryngologist and author of the book "Big Medicine: The Cost of Corporate Control and How Doctors and Patients Working Together Can Rebuild a Better System". 

In the show you'll hear Marc and Dr. George discuss:

  • Why Dr. George became a doctor, and why she very quickly began to see the delitiriuos effects of government regulation on the medical industry. 
  • How Obamacare picked winners and losers, why the doctors and patients became "losers" under the bill, and just who became the "winners?"
  • What sort of health care reform does Dr. George recommend for the patient that is the U.S. health care industry?
  • Plus! Marc answers a couple "Letters of Liberty" from fans of the show!

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289. DonorSee App Revolutionizes Charity Worldwide

Monday, April 3rd, 2017

In today's episode of Lions of Liberty, Marc welcomes in Gret Glyer, the creator of the revolutionary DonorSee App, which is making it easier than ever to effectively fund charitable projects around the world.

In the show, you'll hear:

  • How Gret decided a life of renting cars wasn't his destiny, and what inspired him to seek out ways to help people in need around the globe.
  • Gret describes his time in Malawi, and how the poverty that he saw there eventually led to the creation of DonorSee.
  • How does Donor See work, and why is it so much more effective than government, NGO, or even most private charity.
  • Find out how YOU can help fund a charitable project and directly help an eldery homeless woman in Malawi get a home THIS WEEK!

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Electric Libertyland Ep. 13: Bannon Bashes Libertarians

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

On today's Electric Libertyland, Brian McWilliams goes it alone as he takes on the recent "scandal" surrounding House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes, Trump's "bill" to Germany for NATO backpay, Rand's stand against NATO and admitting Montenegro, Steve Bannon taking sissy slaps at libertarians, healthcare bills, and a prediction for the new Ghost in the Shell film. He then wraps it up with a personal story about a client who is on hunger strike battling judicial overreach and slander from a sitting judge in Los Angeles. It's chock full of liberty goodness.

Full show notes at Lions of Liberty

288. Tom Woods Finds His Sane Space

Monday, March 27th, 2017

In today's episode of Lions of Liberty, Marc welcomes in NY Times bestselling author and host of The Tom Woods Show and Contra Krugman, Tom Woods!

In the show, you'll hear:

  • As The Tom Woods Show nears 1,000 episodes, Marc and Tom discuss what it takes to maintain a podcast and successfully grow an audience. 
  • Tom breaks down some of his experiences with the left and "social justice warriors", including dealing with a person who "casually supports the deaths of billions."
  • Marc and Tom discuss the best approaches to dealing with those coming from the left - should they be "wined and dined", or smacked over the head with liberty?
  • Tom weighs in on the recent Nick Sarwarwk/Ron Paul/States Rights flap which began on this program, as we revisit a question that got Tom Woods thinking on his first appearance on this program. 
  • PLUS! Marc answers some more "Letters of Liberty" from listeners!

Stay tuned after the interview to find out how you can get Tom Woods' book "Sane Space" for FREE and how you can hear an exclusive bonus segment recorded with Tom after the show!

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Electric Libertyland Ep. 12: Will Trump “Seal (Team Six) the Deal” on Kim Jong Un?

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

On today's fantastic, new Electric Libertyland, host Brian McWilliams wakes up early to deliver the news of the day, which includes the dangers of inward-facing propaganda from the US government, Venezuela's ridiculous socialist failings that have led to new bread shortage, Rand Paul on John McCain, Donald Trump's flirtations with regime change, Seal Team Six training with South Korean military, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that police allowing a dog to maul an innocent man was legal, unregulated space tourism, and Judge Andrew Napolitano being pulled from Fox News over his wiretapping statements.

Boogie on down.

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287. Zoltan Istvan on the Transhumanist Movement and Liberty

Monday, March 20th, 2017

In today's episode of Lions of Liberty, Marc welcomes in the founder of the Transhumanist Party and 2018 Libertarian candidate for the California Governorship, Zoltan Istvan!

In the show, you'll hear:

  • What is transhumanism? Zoltan breaks down exactly what is behind this rapidly growing movement, and how transhumanism is differentiated from the standard advancement of technology from humankind. 
  • Zoltan describes how a near-death experience ended up launching his passion for transhumanism, and how the technology can help to enhance and expand human life. 
  • What concerns should people have regarding transhuman technology, particuarly considering the recent Vault 7 revelations? 
  • Zoltan and Marc explore some of the ways transhuman technology can enhance the human experience, from essentially ending blindness up to and including the possibility of ending the concept of death all together. 
  • How does the advancement of transhuman technology intersect with the ideas of liberty?
  • Will a robot run for President someday?
  • PLUS! Marc answers some more "Letters of Liberty" from listeners!

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284. Kristin Tate, the “Libertarian Chick!”

Monday, February 27th, 2017

In today's episode of Lions of Liberty, Marc welcomes in political columnist, pundit and author, Kristin Tate, aka "The Libertarian Chick!" Kristin currently writes for The Hill, appears frequently on cable news outlets like Fox News and MSNBC, and is the author of the book "Government Gone Wild: How DC Politicians Are Taking You For a Ride - And What You Can Do About It."

In the show, you'll hear:

  • How Kristin was converted to libertarianism after hearing a certain Republican Congressman from Texas on the campaign trail.
  • Kristin describes her experience reporting for Breitbart on the US-Mexico border, and how what she saw firsthand differed from mainstream media narratives.
  • Why Kristin felt the Libertarian Party ticket had a messaging problem in 2016.
  • Is Donald Trump the President Millenials Need?
  • PLUS!...Marc answers some more Letters of Liberty, with his thoughts on apocalyptic scenarios, the hoopla surrounding Donald Trump and Democrat angst, and more!


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283. Dan Johnson Unveils the Tax Revolution

Monday, February 20th, 2017

In today's episode of Lions of Liberty, Marc welcomes in one of the busiest activists for liberty you'll ever have the pleasure to listen to, Dan Johnson! Dan is the founder of PANDA (People Against the NDAA), the Solutions Institute, and most recently the Tax Revolution Institute! 

In the show, you'll hear:

  • How Dan was fired inspired into activism by a "hater." 
  • Why Dan founded the Tax Revolution Institute. 
  • What exactly IS the "Tax Revolution", and how will TRI help activists across the country revolutionize the tax system in the United States?
  • PLUS!...Marc answers some more Letters of Liberty, with his thoughts on the Trump's executive orders, the California economy, and conspiracy theories!


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