UA-30156634-1 246. Mr. Johnson’s Libertyhood Ep.7: Aleppo My Eggo!
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September 19, 2016

246. Mr. Johnson’s Libertyhood Ep.7: Aleppo My Eggo!

John Odermatt of Felony Friday joins Brian McWilliams on the latest episode of Mr. Johnson's Libertyhood to look at the latest actions of Libertarian candidates Gary Johnson and running mate Bill Weld.

Brian and John can't help but talk about Aleppo, because really, who isn't talking about Aleppo (after Googling "Aleppo"),and  also delve into Gary's newspaper endorsements, "Kelo" being a barometer for Supreme Court Justice nominations, Veteran support, and an enjoyable celebrity calling for debate inclusion. They also enter the Mind Weld to examine recent statements from Bill Weld during an interview with Marketwatch.

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