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May 9, 2016

208. Who Should Represent the Libertarian Party in 2016? A Panel Discussion!

In today's episode of Lions of Liberty, Marc Clair hosts a panel discussion featuring advocates for four of the main Libertarian Party candidates for President. The lineup!

- Gavin Keefe, Board of Directors for the Libertarian Party of Washington State, representing Gary Johnson. 

- Judd Weiss, Vice Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party, representing John McAfee

- Amanda Parsons, Volunteer Coordinator for the Darry W. Perry campaign, representing (duh!) Darryl Perry

- Justin Gleason, Ohio State Coordinator for the Austin Petersen campaign and a Central Committee Member for the Libertarian Party of Ohio, representing (again, duh!) Austin Petersen. 

The Advocates discuss how they first became involved with libertarian ideas and the Libertarian party, what they look for in a Libertarian Presidential candidate, and why they advocate for their preferred candidate to represent the Party in 2016. Along the way, the advocates answer questions about their candidates including:

- What is their candidates biggest weakness?
- Who would be their 2nd choice if their preferred candidate were to drop out of the race?
- How will their candidate help grow the Libertarian Party and liberty movement? 

Who's the best champion of Liberty for the Libertarian Party to put forward? 

Listen for yourself and make up your mind!

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