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February 1, 2016

LoLP 180: GOP Debate #7 Reaction Show: Trumpless Edition


In this episode of the Lions of Liberty podcast, host Marc Clair welcomes liberty cohorts J.B. Lubin, Howie Snowden and resident Rand Paul-analyst Brian McWilliams in for another boozy GOP Debate reaction show. This debate brought a different dynamic, as the loudest mouth on stage during the previous six blusterfests was absent: one Donald Trump. His antics were missed, but that didn't mean it was a boring event.

The group goes through each candidate's performance one by one. They touch on Chris Christie's TV sitcom-like character, Jeb's total irrelevance, the Rubio-Cruz flip-flop-fight and Ben Carson's bizarre sentence rides to nowhere. Plus, let's not forget Kasich's technology allergy, Rand Paul's best debate performance to date, and the shockingly welcome introduction of a long-missed debate issue. 

That and more in the 7th GOP Debate Recap Show!

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