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January 27, 2016

LoLP 179: Rand Pauluses and Minuses Podcast - Iowa and Duck Sized Horses


In this episode of the Lions of Liberty podcast, host Marc Clair and world-renowned Rand Paul analyst Brian McWilliams convene for the first Rand Pauluses and Minuses podcast of 2016!

The topic that's top of mind is the announcement that Rand Paul would not be excluded from the most recent debate, which leads Marc and Brian to discuss Rand's debate boycott strategy, whether Donald Trump is stealing a page from his playbook, and what support he can expect in Iowa. They also discuss Ron Paul finally joining the campaign trail, a contentious bill Rand proposed that impacts the national debate over abortion, and some recent humorous TV appearances. They then give their predictions for just how Rand will fare in next week's Iowa caucus. There may also be references to duck-sized horses. 

RPM is back in 2016. Let's get our #Randypants on. 

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