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August 27, 2015

LoLP 135: Gavin Keefe for Yakima City Council!

In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, host Marc Clair welcomes in Gavin Keefe, a libertarian and candidate for City Council in Yakima, WA. Gavin explains how he first became interested in the ideas of liberty after getting into a conversation about immigration with Lions of Liberty co-founder and frequent podcast contributor Brian McWilliams. Marc and Gavin have the revelation that they have actually met before at a beer pong fundraiser the Ron Paul campaign back in 2007. 

Gavin explains why he is in favor of a more open immigration policy, and why illegal immigrants are often treated as second class citizens. Gavin explains why he got involved in Libertarian Party politics and just what inspired his run for City Council. He describes how he approached the campaign and the secret to his initial success, as he has made it through the primary to the general election while promoting the ideas of liberty. 

Gavin and Marc talk about how it can be difficult to battle many common straw-man perceptions people hold about libertarianism, and this challenges be overcome in the course of a conversation. Gavin lays out the problems with the local government in Yakima, and how he would promote a more free society on the local level. 

In the "Last Roar", Marc rants from the hip on how social interaction and advocating for the ideas of liberty go hand in hand, why it's so crucial to constantly be expanding your "liberty network", and calls on liberty-minded individuals to SEIZE THE DAY, and become active in advancing the ideas of liberty. 

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