UA-30156634-1 Felony Friday Ep. 001: Premier Episode - Marijuana Decriminalization and DUI Laws
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January 8, 2016

Felony Friday Ep. 001: Premier Episode - Marijuana Decriminalization and DUI Laws


On the inaugural episode of the Felony Friday Podcast host John Odermatt is joined by a familiar voice in the liberty movement, Lions of Liberty's own Marc Clair. John begins by sharing how he grew to become passionate about the plight of felons in our society and sheds light on the reasoning behind the switch from a weekly Felony Friday column to producing the weekly Felony Friday Podcast.

Marc and John then weigh in on felonies trending in the news. They begin by discussing legislation in Georgia that would decriminalize marijuana in the state and expand the discussion by contemplating which method, legalization or decriminalization, is a better vehicle for rolling back the drug war. Next, the conversation takes a controversial turn as they discuss the irrational nature of DUI laws and provide some insight into how drunk driving could be regulated in a more free society.

Finally, John challenges Marc to analyze two felonies by answering the question: "Is this a crime and should anyone do time?" The first felony Marc is asked about involves a high school student who has been charged with assault and battery after breaking an opponents nose during a game of water polo. The second felony Marc examines involves an eleven-year-old boy who has been charged as an adult for an ill-advised Walmart prank that went horribly wrong.

Please tune in next week as Howard Snowdon, the "grandfather" of the Lions of Liberty, will be a guest on the Felony Friday Podcast!

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