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December 23, 2016

Felony Friday 051 - Shane Casey was Convicted of a Horrific Crime, Now he’s Fighting for Vindication - Part 1

Today's Guest: 

On today's episode Shane Casey joins Felony Friday host John Odermatt. Casey reveals his ongoing battle to clear his name after being convicted of the most heinous of crimes, the sexual abuse of a child. He maintains that he is innocent.

Shane Casey served nearly a decade in prison for this crime that he claims never occurred. He took an Alford plea for a reduced charge, which allowed him to maintain his innocence. This plea also allowed him to get out of prison for time served and kept him off the sex offender registry. Shane wrestled with taking the plea, rather than going to trial for a fourth time, but ultimately family and friends convinced him to take the plea and to continue to fight from the outside and not while sitting in a prison cell. This is the first time Shane has shared his story and in order to make sure all bases are covered this will be a two-part episode.

The Story: 

This past July Shane Casey was released from prison. He spent nearly a decade in a Vermont prison, serving time for a crime that he claims he did not commit. Casey, along with several hundred other anonymous men, were accused of having raped a young girl. However, there were no witnesses to any of these crimes and there was no physical evidence linking Casey to a crime. In fact, there was no physical evidence that the girl had ever been raped. However, this didn't stop the prosecution from seeking a conviction based exclusively on the only evidence needed to convict him, the girl's account.

During the first part of the episode, today's show, Shane is going to be discussing his background and the circumstances that led to him being charged with this horrendous crime. During the second episode Shane will be sharing the details of the trials, all three of them. And he will be sharing the powerful allocution he read aloud to the judge after his plea. 

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