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September 30, 2016

Felony Friday 039 - 17-year-old Charged with Assault for Consensual Sex with Girlfriend

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During today's show Brian McWilliams, the host of the incredibly popular Mr. Johnson's Libertyhood, joins Felony Friday host John Odermatt to discuss some incredibly important criminal justice stories trending in the news. This is Brian's third appearance on Felony Friday he previously joined the show for Episode 009 and Episode 016.

Here's what we talked about:

  • If you thought "stop and frisk" was bad, then wait until you here about "stop and spit"
    • Police departments in small towns across the country have been collecting DNA from people who have not been charged with a crime. In order to build DNA databases, some jurisdictions have ask individuals to submit DNA voluntarily during traffic stops, or even during random encounters with police. These small towns have partnered with private labs that are able to offer expedient and inexpensive DNA forensic analysis that allow police departments to utilize DNA evidence to investigate even minor crimes, from burglary to vandalism.
  • Canada has just approved prescription heroin
    • The Canadian government has approved drug regulations that will permit doctors to prescribe pharmaceutical-grade heroin to treat heroin addicts who have not responded to conventional treatments.
    • Is this a case of the government finding a government "solution" for government created problems? 
  • 17-Year-Old Faces Child Porn, Assault Charges for Consensual Sexual Relations with Girlfriend
    • If this story doesn't make you question the common sense of the local government officials in the case, then you're probably an idiot! In order to get the full story you're going to have to listen to the show.
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