UA-30156634-1 Electric Libertyland Ep 22: Tomasz Kaye, Creator of “George Ought to Help”

In this week's Electric Libertyland, Brian McWilliams brings in Tomasz Kaye, aka BitButter on YouTube, and creator of the popular libertarian animations "George Ought to Help," "How Government Caused the Healthcare Crisis" and many others. Additionally, Tomasz has created the website

Before Tomasz joins the show, Brian hits upon a tragic tale of the DEA murdering innocent Hondurans and then lying about it, the Portland stabbing deaths and PDX's Mayor calling for a hiatus on free speech, the "Pissing Pug" and Roger Moore. Once Tomasz joins the fun, they discuss his videos, religion, the state of liberty in the Netherlands and Trump's statements about NATO.

Show notes at Lions of Liberty

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