UA-30156634-1 297. Are White Males Vilified on U.S. Campuses? Scott Greer Talks “No Campus for White Men”

In today's episode, host Marc Clair is joined by deputy editor at The Daily Caller Scott Greer to discuss his book "No Campus for White Men."

In the show you'll hear Marc and Scott discuss:

  • How Scott's interest in politics and education issues led directly to his career at The Daily Caller and eventually to writing "No Campus for White Men"
  • What exactly encompasses the "hateful indoctrination" towards white males that has been growing on college campuses. 
  • What sort of effect does the "anti white, anti male" culture have on the psyche of students? 
  • PLUS! Stay tuned after the show for an announcement about the 300th episode and an update on a major charitalbe project we are promoting through Walk the Walk! and DonorSee!

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