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The “Lions of Liberty” flagship show, which interviews liberty leaders including Ron Paul, Tom Woods, etc, PLUS “Electric Libertyland”, looking at current events and “Felony Friday”, examining the criminal justice system!

January 16, 2017

278. Is States’ Rights a Libertarian Position?

On today's episode, host Marc Clair welcomes in "Felony Friday" host John Odermatt and Lions of Liberty's favorite Frenchman, J.B. Lubin. The Lions' take a look at the most recent incident of "libertarian infighting", which arose after LP Chair Nicholas Sarwark made some critical comments of Ron Paul in an interview late last year. In the show, you'll hear discussed:

  • Were Sarwark's comments blown out of proportion?
  • Is the concept of "States' Rights" a philosophcially libertarian position?
  • How quantifitable are Ron Paul's contributions to the Libertarian Party and the broader liberty movement?
  • Is Marc a globalist shill?
  • Plus! The gang tackles some "Letters of Liberty" in our mailbag segment!

For full show notes head over to Lions of Liberty!

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