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The “Lions of Liberty” flagship show, which interviews liberty leaders including Ron Paul, Tom Woods, etc, PLUS “Electric Libertyland”, looking at current events and “Felony Friday”, examining the criminal justice system!

August 31, 2016

241. Remso Martinez Roars for Liberty!

In today's episode of Lions of Liberty, host Marc Clair welcomes in Remso W. Martinez, the "conservatarian" host of the Remso Republic podcast! 

In the show, they discuss: 
  • Remso's philosophical journey from a standard conservative to a libertarian, and how he was influenced by Ayn Rand, the CATO Institute, and...Lions of Liberty?!
  • Why Remso identifies as a "conservatarian", and how his personal conservative values intersect with libertarian ideas.
  • Why Remso started the "Remso Republic" podcast, and what he hopes to accomplish with the show. 
  • Remso steps into the "Cat's Cradle" and answers 5 rapid fire questions in a fun segment to wrap the show!
  • So much more! 
For full show notes, head over to Lions of Liberty!

Check out the podcast archive.

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