UA-30156634-1 238. Mr. Johnson’s LibertyHood #5: Clarissa Explains It All
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August 22, 2016

238. Mr. Johnson’s LibertyHood #5: Clarissa Explains It All

In today's episode, Brian McWilliams is joined once again by the mysterious Rico to break down Libertarian presidential candidateGary Johnson's actions over the past weeks on the always entertaining Mr.Johnson's Libertyhood.

In this episode the gentlemendiscuss Gary's new "Rise Up" commercial, his questionable commercialattire, The Fusion Forum, a celebrity endorsement, GMOs and Bill Weld onceagain raining on any parade. They also bring in some reader and listenercommentary for the first time...will it be the last?

Welcome to Mr. Johnson'sLibertyhood, won't you be our neighbor?

For full show notes, head over to Lions of Liberty!

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