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August 10, 2016

235. Free Trade, or Rigged Trade? Jen Briney on the TPP

In today's episode of Lions of Liberty, host Marc Clair welcomes back Jen Briney, host of the Congressional Dish podcast, back to the show to break down the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The TPP has been a subject of a lot of conversation surrounding the Presidential race, and nobody that we've found has done more research on this subject than Ms. Briney. 

In the show they discuss:
  • What exactly is the TPP, and why is Jen so adamantly opposed to it? 
  • How TPP expands the already-existing Investor State Dispute Settlement System (ISDS), and how that can impact states and local communities here in the United States. 
  • How the TPP and other international agreements like it are contributing to a larger push towards global governance. 
  • The positions of the Presidential candidates on TPP: Why we can't trust Hillary on the issue, why Donald has been the most consistent on it (along with Bernie Sanders), and what's the deal with Gary Johnson's recent waffling on it?
  • So much more!
For full show notes, head over to Lions of Liberty!

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