UA-30156634-1 233. Libertarians in Living Rooms Drinking Liquor: The Trumpspiracy Edition
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The “Lions of Liberty” flagship show, which interviews liberty leaders including Ron Paul, Tom Woods, etc, PLUS “Electric Libertyland”, looking at current events and “Felony Friday”, examining the criminal justice system!

August 3, 2016

233. Libertarians in Living Rooms Drinking Liquor: The Trumpspiracy Edition

In today's episode, host Marc Clair gathers a small pride of liberty lions over a couple adult beverages for another edition of "Libertarians in Living Rooms Drinking Liquor!" Marc is joined by Lions of Liberty c-founder and host of "Felony Friday" on this very podcast, John Odermatt, along with the "Godfather" of Lions of Liberty, Howie Snowdon!

In the show, we discuss: 

- The fallout from the Democratic National Convention and the coinciding DNC Email hack fallout, and how the media seemed to ignore much of the drama that went on both inside and outside the convention. 

- The various perspectives on Gary Johnson, and how libertarians and non-libertarians tend to view him so differently.
- The disconnect between those who seemingly oppose foreign wars while simultaneously supporting Hillary Clinton, someone who has a proven track record of consistently supporting aggressive wars overseas. 
- Marc's conspiracy theories regarding Donald Trump, Bill Weld, and whether or not all of the major parties have been secretly co-oped by the Clinton machine. 
- So much more!

For full show notes, head over to Lions of Liberty!

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