UA-30156634-1 215. Did Libertarians Sell Out? LP Convention Review!
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June 1, 2016

215. Did Libertarians Sell Out? LP Convention Review!


In today's episode, host Marc Clair convenes a panel of liberty-lovin' lunatics to break down the events of this past weekend's Libertarian Party national convention, which saw the nomination of dual former Republican governors Gary Johnson and William Weld. Marc is joined by fellow Lions of Liberty co-founder John Odermatt, the "Godfather" of Lions of Liberty Howie Snowdon, and special guest Johnny "Rocket" Adams, who called in from the convention in Orlando where he served as a delegate. 

In the show we cover:

- Johnny's first hand account of the madness on the Convention floor, including why he feels Libertarians sold out their principles by electing Bill Weld as the VP nominee, and why he pissed so many people off!

- Whether polling companies were actively trying to influence the Party's nominee, as suggested by VP candidate Alicia Dearn after she abruptly dropped out and endorsed Weld after he gave a very tepid half-promise not to betray the LP

- The interesting mix of acceptance and concession speeches, ranging from awkward (Gary Johnson begging for the nomination of Weld) to the excellent (Austin Petersen, Judd Weiss) to the...well, to the McAfee (John McAfee.)


So grab a drink and enjoy this look back at one of the biggest days in the history of the Libertarian Party!

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